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I found myself in love in with the creative process of photography. This love of photography has sparked my interest to search for gems to in the city or the outdoor to capture what is appealing according to my visual sensory. Once I get home from a photo adventure, I determine if it is worthy of post processing these photos to create the appeal that I’m looking for. Being my own worst critic, there are times where there are no photos that I deem worthy of post processing. There are several factors that can cause this such as weather conditions, technical errors on my end, or horrible composition. This would mean another trip to that location is needed to attempt to capture the perspective that I envisioned. That cycle continues until I deem a capture that I bring home with me meets my standards. So what you see here is my finest work that I wanted to share and hope that my visual perception captivates you. Thank you and I’m grateful for your time on my page.

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